Sammy Rambles Books

Sammy Rambles is a five book series about a boy and his dragon.

Book 1 – Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus (Synopsis)

Running yet again from bullies who have no reason to pick on him other than because of his parents’ successful careers, Sammy leaps into his mother’s car one afternoon and she decides he must change schools. They meet Sir Lok Ragnarok, Headmaster of Dragamas School for Dragon Charming, and things change very quickly.

But as he settles in, Sammy learns of a dark fate hanging over the school. An enemy, known only as the Shape, is trying to destroy all dragons and close the school, unless Sir Ragnarok can pay their ransom. Not wanting to return to his old school and the bullies, Sammy and his best friends Dixie Deane and Darius Murphy set about uncovering who or what is behind the Shape and ensuring the school can continue.

Book 2 – Sammy Rambles and the Land of the Pharaohs 

Book 3 – Sammy Rambles and the Angel of ‘El Horidore 

Book 4 – Sammy Rambles and the Fires of Karmandor 

Book 5 – Sammy Rambles and the Knights of the Stone Cross

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