CV Refresh

Choose CV Refresh To Update Your Current CV

Taking simple concepts and using clear and concise words it’s possible to turn a jumble of ideas into a professional CV document to send to prospective agencies, employers and clients.

Get your message past the sifters, the gatekeepers, the rejection letters. With a custom written, professional, CV created with information you provide you could be invited for an interview and receive your employment offer sooner than you expect.

CVs created and updated by Transcend Zero are unique and tailored specifically to your requirements for the type of job, role or industry you wish to work in.

CV Refresh is £25 each and ordered by e-mailing On receipt of your order you’ll receive an e-mail invoice and a request to send your current CV for updating. In case the details aren’t already within your CV you’ll be asked for a short list of items to complete (your name, contact details, availability, skills, experience, etc.) so that your CV can be updated quickly and accurately to your requirements.

Once the CV/Items and your payment is received work on your CV will begin. Most CVs are created within 48 hours and you’ll receive your CV by e-mail in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and PDF formats ready to upload onto agency websites or print and post to prospective employers.

If you’re unsure what to wear, when to arrive, what to say, then try Transcend Zero’s Interview Coaching service and get a taste of trial questions and mock interviews in preparation. Learn how to settle your nerves in advance and how to make the best impression on your prospective employer.